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A scan of the August 2014 Tokyo Camera Style monthly feature in Nippon Camera
My editor and I met up with photographer and founding member of Provoke, Yutaka Takanashi (right page) in Nakano.  His 1974 book Toshi-e is available through Errata Edition's Books on Books #6. 
Left page: I shared the story about the couple in the bottom right corner back in May the day it happened. The man above with the Widelux I ran into near the Tokyo Metro Museum of Photography. I liked that his camera was around his neck and not in his bag as he walked to the museum. The two photos on the left side were taken in Yoyogi Park right before a torrential rainstorm and at about the exact same time a man set himself on fire in Shinjuku. At the top is my pal Sean Marc Lee, an American photographer living in Taiwan. You ought to follow him on tumblr, flickr, and check out his photography on his portfolio site. 

I’m in the August 2014 issue of Nippon Camera alongside Carina and the insanely talented artist, James Jean.

SML_140821_0097 on Flickr.
GQ Outtakes

SML_140814_0181 on Flickr.
GQ Outtakes

SML_140821_0274 on Flickr.
GQ Outtakes Delia

SML_140814_0418 on Flickr.
GQ Outtakes Emma

SML_140818_0275 on Flickr.
GQ Outtake channeling WKW.

SML_140814_0349 on Flickr.
GQ Outtakes

SML00206 on Flickr.
Ximending, TAIPEI. Kenji Sato, Boutique Shop owner. Upstairs Genuine Shop shirt and shorts, Captain Fin hat, Vans shoes, Ray-ban Sunglasses, Remix Clothing backpack

SML_140702_JPN_0685 on Flickr.
Like a character in a Miyazaki film. Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan. Yang Yi Xuan, Animation student in Kobe. NIXON watch, Löytää top, W Closet Wears Inc (japan) pants, New Balance shoes, Da Kine backpack. vintage hat.

My 3 page spread in September’s GQ Taiwan from the 9 page article “Girls We Love.” Wish they included all the details and closeups I took. Thanks @vegvegsu #GQ #GQTaiwan #fashion #girls #streetfashion #streetstyle #style #taipei #taiwan #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilm #XT1 #tearsheets #簡嫚書 #溫貞菱

F1050026 on Flickr.lightspeed

F1050029 on Flickr.

Reblogging my own photo that was uncredited. Damn you tumblr! 11,445 notes and counting.
photo by: SEAN MARC LEE

SML00270 on Flickr.
Allen. Uniqlo pants, Vans shoes, Remix Clothing top and backpack.

SML00221 on Flickr.
Rae. Izzue pants, ASOS bag, Vintage NIXON watch, Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelet, Beauty & Youth United Arrows Ring, Vintage Taiwan sunglasses