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MUSEE on Flickr.
MUSEE Dongchu, TAIPEI. Musee Wu, Creative Director. Zara jumpsuit, Tods shoes, m0851 bag, Issey Miyake watch, Ray Ban sunglasses, Vintage Bracelet

MISHA on Flickr.
Dongchu, TAIPEI. Misha Chen, Boutique clothing store owner. Cheap Monday shoes, Mukk coat (Taiwan brand on FB), Mukk blouse, Voome bag, vintage rings, handmade skirt.

F1060020 on Flickr.

Hi Jen! #girlseatingbaos #buns #baos #food

F1060012 on Flickr.

000018820006 on Flickr.NEW WEBSITE

SML_130820_1143 on Flickr.
Outtakes and more from my NY Times banana story.

SML_130820_1094 on Flickr.
Outtakes and more from my NY Times banana story.

SML_131025_0842 on Flickr.drunk models

SML_131025_0885 on Flickr.drunk models

SML_131025_0821 on Flickr.

000039170019 on Flickr.part of a project I shot on a disposable camera
other contributors include Alec Soth and James Murphy
check it out:


Photographer Sean Marc Lee Taipei,Taiwan for Issue 21. Check it out at

I’ve a new series shot on a disposable camera. 

JIA JIA on Flickr.
Xinyi, TAIPEI. Jia Jia Huang, Script Supervisor. Coach bag, Vintage dress, blouse, shoes.

ELVIRA on Flickr.
Dongchu, TAIPEI. Elvira Ko. Product Marketing. Taiwan online shop pants, shoes and top. Vintage jewelry, Vintage sunglasses, Niao tote bag.