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SML_400NC_2715_0005 on Flickr.

SML00298 on Flickr.
Huashan Creative Park, TAIPEI. Kuan Kuan, stylist. Converse shoes, Chez L’Artiste shirt, Ahcahcum Muchacha bag, Creampp hat, vintage jewelry and suspenders.

SML_TW_140517_1123 on Flickr.
Monocle outtake.

Monocle July/August 2014 on Flickr.
Photos for Monocle’s July/August 2014 “Quality of Life Issue” featuring Fujin St in the Songshan Neighborhood, Beams, and more!

SML00038 on Flickr.

SML00369 on Flickr.

SML00561 on Flickr.

SML_TW_140602_0695 on Flickr.
Artist APEXER for POW! WOW! TAIWAN 2014. See some more works in progress and finished murals here at Upper Playground.

SML_TW_140531_0421 on Flickr.
Elaine vs popsicle

SML_TW_140531_0422 on Flickr.

My dad @saimlee now appearing on the side of Muni buses all over San Francisco. #team_lee #humanGPS #taxidriverforever #betterthanUBER

SML03026 on Flickr.
Banciao, TAIPEI. Ning Ho, Graphic Designer. London flea market hat, Taiwan night market glasses, Zara Top, Top Shop jacket, vintage jeans, COS shoes, handmade tote bag,

SML04596 on Flickr.
Zhongxiao Fuxing, TAIPEI. Celia Pan, department store salesgirl. Lily Brown top, pants and shoes. Grace Gift bag.

SML03795 on Flickr.
Da’an District, TAIPEI. Chelsea Chang, student. Echo skirt, 3 Closet by Designer Club blouse, everything else Korean night markets.

Guabao the pervert. #guabao #掛包 #butt #underwear #cat #kitty